Orthodontics in Pascoe Vale VIC

If your teeth are not as straight as you would like or you have misalignment because you did not wear your orthodontic retainers in your youth, Dr Amir can help you achieve a properly aligned smile in less time than you might imagine.

Woman smiling with braces on teeth | Pascoe Vale DentistShort-Term Braces

If you are mostly concerned about the appearance of your smile, short-term braces can correct cosmetic misalignment that is visible when you smile. Treatment takes an average of six months, though it can vary slightly from patient to patient.

By placing braces on only the front teeth, patients can enjoy reduced treatment times. Treatment is often less costly overall as well.

Short-term braces are tooth-coloured and use a memory wire to guide teeth into alignment, making treatment convenient and less noticeable. Because short-term braces focus mostly on aesthetics and slight relapse cases, they are not a suitable approach for complex orthodontic cases.

Traditional Orthodontics in Glenroy VIC

In some cases, traditional orthodontics is the best option to achieve the most comfortable and ideal results.

  • Dr Amir will attach small brackets to the surfaces of the teeth. 
  • A bendable wire will attach to brackets and regular adjustments to the wire will guide the movement of the teeth.

Modern dental brackets come in both metal and ceramic, tooth-coloured options. Dr Amir can discuss the pros and cons of each, so you can make a choice that works best for you.

Traditional orthodontics is a reliable choice for any orthodontic condition including full mouth cases and complex bite-related issues.

Avoiding sticky and crunchy foods during orthodontic treatment can prevent problems such as broken wires and damaged brackets.

A Straight, Beautiful Smile Is Possible

When you contact our Pascoe Vale dental clinic to arrange an orthodontic evaluation, our entire team will work together to help you achieve a smile that adds confidence when it comes to your appearance and feels comfortable. A straight smile is a healthier smile!