Tooth-Coloured Dentistry in Pascoe Vale, VIC

Smiling family of four | Dentist Pasco Vale VICAre you looking for tooth-coloured restorations in Pascoe Vale, VIC?

Perhaps one of the most appreciated developments in modern dentistry is that repairing and replacing teeth no longer requires visible evidence of dentistry. Current methods in dentistry prioritise both function and aesthetics to achieve excellent results that minimally impact the appearance of patients’ smiles. In fact, with tooth-coloured restorations in Pascoe Vale, VIC, you’re restorations are designed to be virtually invisible.

At Lumino Smiles, we use the latest tooth-coloured materials to protect and repair damaged teeth. These durable materials can dramatically improve both function and comfort while restoring your teeth aesthetically.

If you’re looking for restorative dentistry or other dental services, we invite you to contact our dental clinic to arrange an exam with our Pascoe Vale, VIC dentist.

Also, continue reading to learn more about tooth-coloured restorations in Pascoe Vale, VIC.

What are tooth coloured fillings and bonding?

Decay, or dental caries, affects nearly everyone at some point during their lives. We repair decayed teeth using tooth-coloured composite, which comes in a variety of colours to match the surrounding teeth. Tooth-coloured composite or tooth-coloured fillings also work well on children’s smiles.

Composite consists of BPA-free plastic and microscopic glass particles that, when combined, create a highly aesthetic and natural-looking result. Composite is durable and meant to stand up to chewing.

Composite also provides a solution to chipped or misshapen teeth. Dr Amir Kiaee can add it to existing teeth to improve the shape and appearance with minimal alterations to the existing tooth structure.

Bonding with tooth-coloured materials in Pascoe Vale, VIC can conceal or help with the following:

  • Misshapen tooth
  • Chipped tooth
  • Stubborn discolouration
  • Small gaps between teeth

Dental bonding is practical, inexpensive, and the results are immediate.

How do tooth-coloured ceramic crowns work?

Broken teeth may cause discomfort and are at a higher risk of requiring an extraction. A dental crown completely covers the remaining tooth structure to protect it from the forces of chewing.

Ceramic crowns are both durable and natural-looking.

Crowns are hollow covers that go over existing teeth. They are used following some root canal treatments if the tooth has been compromised. They are also used to cap dental implants following implant post-placement and healing — additionally, dental crowns in Pascoe Vale, VIC secure dental bridges.

Our dental crowns match your surrounding teeth in shape and colour.

What is a tooth-coloured inlay or onlay?

Ceramic inlays and onlays are a conservative treatment option that preserves more natural tooth structure than a complete crown. We design them to repair decayed or damaged teeth while maintaining the integrity of the natural tooth.

Inlays fit between the cusps of teeth while onlays cover the cusp area to restore both comfort and function.

Will my dental bridge also match my smile?

A dental bridge replaces a missing tooth after extraction or trauma. Filling the space left by a missing tooth is important because it prevents the adjacent teeth from shifting, which leads to misalignment or even exposed roots.

A traditional dental bridge – A conventional bridge relies on the healthy adjacent teeth as anchors. Crowns are applied on the two adjacent teeth and suspend an artificial tooth in place. Ceramic crowns make this a highly aesthetic option that results in a seamless appearance.

Cantilever bridge – When only one tooth is available, or we are treating teeth that do not sustain heavy force when chewing, we can utilise a single tooth to secure an artificial tooth in place. Consider this a bridge with an anchor on one side.

Bonded bridge – Rather than adding crowns to the adjacent teeth, an artificial tooth can be bonded using a small metal or porcelain framework attached to the adjacent teeth.

Why do I need a tooth-coloured crown instead of a filling?

Each type of dental restoration serves a specific purpose. Typically, a filling is designed to seal a tooth after removing decay. Composite material, used in fillings, is both strong and aesthetic. However, there are limitations to its use. Since we apply fillings to your existing tooth structure, they are an appropriate choice for small to medium cavities, depending on its location within your mouth.

Posterior teeth, or molars, absorb most of the force when chewing and therefore are more susceptible to damage or fractures. Due to their deep grooves, they are also likely candidates for decay. When you break a tooth or develop deep decay, especially in posterior teeth, they sometimes require more support than a filling provides. 

A dental crown completely covers your tooth structure, much like a protective helmet. A dental crown not only seals the tooth, but it also covers it tightly, absorbing the force of chewing to prevent additional damage, which may lead to tooth loss.

Dr Amir will always explain all of your options, along with the pros and cons of each, so that you can make an informed decision that works best for you. We always welcome your questions and respect your decisions regarding your smile. So please, feel free to give us a call, or schedule your consultation.

Is restorative dentistry painful?

At Lumino Smiles, we emphasise comfort throughout your experience by not only ensuring that procedures don’t cause pain, but also by providing the highest level of patient care in the little ways, too. You will always be greeted with a warm smile, and we encourage you to enjoy the little comforts we provide like having televisions in each room to help you relax.

Dr Amir always receives compliments on his gentle and compassionate approach to dentistry. Thanks to the expertise of Dr Kiaee and the modern technologies we have introduced in our Pascoe Vale dental clinic, you can enjoy the highest level of comfort and the most precise treatment available in dentistry today.

We love getting to know our patients and the families in our community. This is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. When you trust Dr Amir and our clinical team with your dentistry, we are honoured and take our role in your family's health seriously. We enjoy that our patients appreciate our attention to even the smallest details.

If you are concerned about your procedure, let us know. This will help us provide you with the type of patient care that will improve your health and put you at ease during your treatments.

Is restorative dentistry right for me?

Older couple smiling | Dentist Pascoe Vale VICBefore performing any dental work, our Pascoe Vale, VIC dentist always makes sure the treatment or procedure is right for you and your smile goal. When it comes to restorative dentistry that also enhances your smile, most of our patients are good candidates.

Whether you’re looking for a dental bridge or a dental crown, we are here to help you restore your smile aesthetics and your smile health.

Would You Like a Healthy Smile in Glenroy, VIC?

Few patients will escape the need for a dental restoration at some point during their lives. Knowing your options, along with the benefits of each, can help you make a decision that works well for your budget and lifestyle.

For quality dentistry in the Pascoe Vale, Hadfield or Glenroy, VIC areas, we welcome you to contact our dental clinic to arrange an exam with Dr Amir. We look forward to exceeding your expectations by making your dental care comfortable and reliable.