Paediatric Dentistry in Pascoe Vale VIC

Paediatric Dentistry for a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles

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Starting your child’s dental care early has many advantages. We welcome children from their very first dental appointment to help familiarise them with the dental clinic atmosphere and determine if their development is occurring normally.

We enthusiastically welcome your children to our dental clinic, where we hope to help them develop positive oral habits that last a lifetime. We serve families in Pascoe Vale, Glenroy, and the surrounding areas. 

What comprises preventive paediatric dentistry?

As your child develops, we will integrate preventive dental treatments to keep their teeth and gums healthy:

  • Dental exams
  • Cleanings
  • X-rays and digital imaging
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Sealants

At what age should I first bring my child to the dentist?

Most experts agree that children should start seeing the dentist regularly as soon as their first tooth erupts, which is usually around the age of one. If you are uncertain what might be the best time for your children to come to our Pascoe Vale dental clinic, we invite you to ask Dr Amir Kiaee for his advice.

How can I prepare my child for that first visit to the dentist?

Our experienced team knows how to provide children’s dentistry in Pascoe Vale that will encourage your little ones to develop a positive attitude about dental care. Your child’s first few visits to the dentist provide us with a great opportunity to educate you and your children about good oral health, and it enables kids to get used to the sights and sounds of the dental surgery.

Here are some other ways you can help your children prepare for their first spin in the dental chair:

  • Tell them about what they can expect at the dentist but avoid any scary-sounding details such as references to needles or shots.
  • If you have anxiety about visiting the dentist, do your best to refrain from speaking of it in front of your children.
  • Check online or at your local library for videos and books about dentistry. Try to make the experience fun and interesting for your little ones by letting them pretend to examine your teeth.

How can I clean my baby’s teeth?

It’s crucial to start cleaning your baby’s teeth as soon as they erupt, and the best way to do it is with a clean washcloth or gauze pad to gently wipe the teeth clean. Do this after meals and before bedtime.

What kind of ongoing dental care does my child need in Glenroy, VIC?

Each child has individual needs, and we will base their dentistry on what they need most to maintain a healthy smile. We believe in interactive education because it involves your child in their own oral health and satisfies their natural curiosity and desire to participate.

If they require dental treatment such as fillings, crowns or extractions, we do so with their comfort in mind. We even have televisions mounted on the ceilings in each of our rooms at our Pascoe Vale dental clinic so they can enjoy a favourite show as a distraction during treatment.

How can I promote good oral home care for my children?

Good oral health habits start early—and they usually begin at home. As parents, you can encourage the formation of positive habits that can last a lifetime.

  • Brush and floss with your children. Kids like to mimic parents, and this is a great way to teach proper brushing and flossing technique.
  • Get a special toothbrush with your child’s favourite cartoon character and a flavoured child-friendly toothpaste to make brushing fun.
  • Use a timer to ensure you and your child are brushing long enough. The recommended time for brushing is two minutes.
  • Create a special chart and give your child a gold star or sticker each time they brush and floss.
  • Associate visits to the dentist with something fun by planning an outing to the park or a special bike ride after the appointment.
  • Keep sweet treats to a minimum by keeping plenty of healthy snacks, such as fruits and vegetables, on hand.

What should I do if my child is anxious about going to the dentist?

It’s perfectly normal to have fears, and fear of the dentist is a common one we see at our Pascoe Vale dental clinic—among kids and adults. But it’s important to help children overcome this fear, or it can be detrimental to their oral health. There are things you can do to help routine dental visits go more smoothly.

  • Let your children know ahead of time they have a dental appointment. It might feel tempting not to alert them beforehand, but kids need time to transition into unfamiliar situations. Not telling them about the appointment until you are driving into the car park can worse their anxiety.
  • Answer questions they might have about their dental appointment honestly and calmly. Be sure to remind them that they can also ask the dentist questions as well. Our Pascoe Vale dental team is trained to describe procedures to children in an age-appropriate, non-threatening manner.
  • Bring along a small, favourite toy for your child. This can be a comfort when they are in an unfamiliar situation.
  • Do your best to stay calm, even if your child ends up having a tantrum at their dental appointment. A soothing demeanour can go a long way toward helping your child feel safe.

If you have additional concerns about your child’s dental anxiety, be sure to call our Pascoe Vale dental clinic ahead of time. Our entire team will work hard to ensure your child has as pleasant an experience as possible.

What is interceptive orthodontics?

While it is common for teens to wear braces, opting for an early childhood orthodontic evaluation can allow us to identify developmental conditions that may benefit from interceptive orthodonticsSmiling young boy | Dentistry Pascoe Vale such as space maintainers and early childhood braces.

We typically recommend an orthodontic evaluation by age seven when we can begin the first phase of orthodontic treatment. This may minimise the need for lengthy orthodontic treatment in the future and eliminate the need for extractions due to malocclusion (poor bite alignment) in the future.

We provide early childhood orthodontic evaluations as part of our comprehensive approach to paediatric dentistry in Pascoe Vale.

What other conditions do you evaluate in children?

We evaluate each child for sleep disorders including sleep apnoea, bruxism and snoring as part of the comprehensive care we provide. By identifying sleep disorders, in collaboration sleep specialists in the medical field, we help our youngest patients have a great start for a healthy future.

While occasional snoring in children is normal, such as during a cold or after an especially active day, chronic snoring four or more nights a week can indicate a serious condition called obstructive sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea can affect both children and adults alike, but it is often overlooked in children.

Interrupted breathing during sleep can reduce oxygen levels dramatically and cause a host of serious health complications, such:

  • Reduced attention
  • Social problems
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Cognitive dysfunctions
  • Difficulty with problem-solving
  • Memory issues
  • False diagnosis of ADHD
  • Problems processing speech

Fortunately, treating sleep apnoea using the proper recommendations can restore normal brain function and minimise or eliminate symptoms associated with OSA. For more information regarding current studies follow this link.

Are you accepting new patients at your Pascoe Vale, VIC Dental Clinic?

We are always taking new patients, including adults and children in the Pascoe Vale, Hadfield and Glenroy, VIC areas. As with adults, our approach with children is to create a positive dental experience that supports a healthy smile. Our entire team looks forward to welcoming you and your family to Lumino Smiles located in Pascoe Vale. Contact our Pascoe Vale dental clinic to arrange your child's next check-up appointment.