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Why Cosmetic Dentistry Can Mean a Healthier Smile

March 28, 2019
Posted By: Dr Amir Kiaee
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If you don’t like the way your smile looks in the mirror, you might find yourself covering your mouth in photographs or avoiding smiling altogether. Perhaps you have heard of cosmetic dentistry but believe it is a frivolous expense best left to the rich and famous. But did you know that if you have a beautiful smile, it is very likely going to be a healthier smile?

Consider your dream car—whether that might be a Porsche or a Mercedes. Would you take good care of it? Of course you would; it would be considered a valuable investment. The same is true with your smile. If you have a beautiful smile through the artistry and science of cosmetic dentistry, you would consider it a valuable investment. Chances are good you would take better care of your smile with regular brushing, flossing, check-ups and cleans.

At Lumino Smiles, Dr Amir Kiaee, your cosmetic dentist in Pascoe Vale, would love to talk to you about how you can take your smile from dull to dazzling, from humdrum to healthy.

How We Can Create Your Best Smile

Our Pascoe Vale dental clinic offers many ways for you to improve your smile.

  • Teeth whitening—This popular procedure is safe and affordable, and you can leave our dental clinic with teeth whiter than when you came in.
  • Veneers—Able to cover up a multitude of issues with your smile, veneers are how many of your favourite celebrities have red-carpet smiles.
  • Tooth-coloured restorations—With crowns, fillings and bonding, we can fix decay or imperfections in your smile.

We Welcome Your Call to Lumino Smiles

Call us on (03) 9300 1061 or book a consult online. Let Pascoe Vale cosmetic dentist Dr Kiaee give you a smile you love to show the world.

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