Cosmetic Dentistry in Pascoe Vale

If you are a professional or have an active social life, you likely become acquainted with new people every day. Many people like to make a great first impression. One aspect of that is having a smile that gives you confidence. 

Few people, however, are fortunate enough to have a gorgeous smile from birth, and even if they do, smiles can suffer from ageing and wear.

At Lumino Smiles, we prioritise dental health and helping patients achieve the smiles they have always wanted.

Close up of woman's smile | Dentist pascoe vale vicDigital Smile Design

You have looked at your smile in the mirror your entire life, so it might be tough to imagine what your future smile will look like.

Dr Kiaee provides patients with the opportunity to review digital video demonstrating your before and after smiles, allowing for any final changes to colour, shape or design. Once the Smile Design is approved, we will proceed with treatment and final restorations.

Smile Design helps patients achieve their preferred aesthetics in a predictable way.

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment Options

Teeth whitening – Developing stained teeth due to ageing is inevitable. If you drink coffee, tea or red wine or use tobacco, stains can develop more quickly, leaving your smile with a yellow or dingy hue.

At Lumino Smiles, teeth whitening, or bleaching, is one of the most popular cosmetic treatment options we offer. Most patients find they achieve more dramatic results under the supervision of a dentist who uses professional strength bleach rather than opting for over-the-counter pharmacy options. Our customised bleaching trays keep the whitening agent where it is most effective – on the surfaces on your teeth and away from your gums where it can cause sensitivity.

For the very best results, we recommend a dental cleaning to remove any tartar before beginning your whitening routine. This allows the whitening gel to come in direct contact with enamel rather than with tartar.

Tooth-coloured restorations – Metal-based restorations often make teeth look darker or uneven in colour. Replacing them with tooth-coloured, metal-free restorations can brighten your smile.

At our Pascoe Vale dental clinic, we use the highest quality white fillings and ceramic restorations including crowns, inlays and onlays.

Photo of Dental Crown being made | Dentist Pascoe Vale VICPorcelain veneers – One of the most versatile treatments available, porcelain veneers can address a number of common aesthetic concerns such as:

  • Minor misalignment
  • Uneven spacing
  • Wear or damage
  • Non-uniform appearance

Cosmetic orthodontics – At Lumino Smiles, we offer patients convenient orthodontic options to straighten teeth. Both Invisalign and Six Month Smiles are convenient and more discreet ways for adult patients to opt for orthodontics without the traditional dark brackets and wires.

Are You Ready for a Beautiful Smile?

The best way to learn about your options is to contact our Pascoe Vale dental clinic to arrange a consultation with Dr Amir. He will listen to your concerns and organise a treatment plan based on your desired results all while helping you achieve improved oral health and a comfortable smile.

We also welcome you to contact our clinic directly for specific questions about the cosmetic dentistry services we offer.