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Why should I straighten my teeth?

If you have crooked, twisted or overlapping teeth, it may mean that specific teeth are doing the majority of the chewing during meals. When this happens, you might notice enamel wear, an increase in cavities and even fractures over time. We think this is an excellent reason to consider orthodontics, but there are others as well.

Straight teeth may be easier to clean efficiently with your toothbrush and dental floss. Consider that overlapping teeth create crevasses where bacteria can hide—similar to the way dust and debris collect in a hard-to-reach nook around the house.

Straight teeth can also make you feel better about your smile and help you with confidence when laughing and speaking with your best mates.

Orthodontics in Pascoe Vale, VIC can mean Invisalign or traditional braces depending on your preference and the results of your consultation. In some cases, traditional braces may be the better option if your bite alignment issues are severe. You may, unexpectedly, find that you are a good candidate for Invisalign as well. It all starts with a consultation.

If You're Considering Orthodontics in Pascoe Vale, We Encourage Your Call

If your goal is a beautiful and functional smile, your consultation with our Pascoe Vale dentist may be the first step.

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