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What do I need to know about implant-supported dentures?

When it comes to full tooth loss, dentures have long been the usual choice, but full tooth loss does not mean you can’t have dental implants—and it does not mean you will need an implant for every lost tooth.

We think dentures and dental implants together are a fantastic union of practicality meets innovation. In dentures, you have a time-tested solution to tooth loss. In dental implants, you find a lasting and hassle-free root replacement.

Dentures stand in for missing teeth, but they can loosen over time and slip without adhesives. A loose and slipping denture may mean embarrassing mishaps and sore gums. Retaining your dentures with dental implants prevents these issues.

Dental implants take the place of your lost tooth root—and four to six are typically strong enough to support a full denture. This option is usually less expensive (and always less invasive) than relying on an implant for every lost tooth.

Implant-supported dentures in Pascoe Vale, then, may be practical and longer-lasting, which is what we want for our patients.

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