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Does Snoring Mean I Have Sleep Apnoea?

July 7, 2021
Posted By: Lumino Smiles Dental

While sleep apnoea does appear somewhat regularly among adults, far more people snore than suffer from sleep apnoea. So if you tend to snore at night, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have sleep apnoea. Instead, you may have another condition that causes snoring.

It’s always a good idea to discuss snoring with your doctor and try to find the cause, especially if it’s a new development.

Why Do I Snore?

The snoring sound is actually due to vibrations caused by an obstruction in airflow through the mouth and nose. Therefore, the cause of your snoring will likely depend on the reason you’re experiencing an obstruction of airflow.

Airflow obstruction often occurs when:

  • The patient has blockages in their nasal passages that prevent air from passing through unimpeded
  • The patient is overweight or obese, particularly in the neck area
  • Soft tissue has blocked the patient’s airway in the throat

Snoring may also increase in patients who consume alcohol or those who take some medications. 

Does Sleep Apnoea Snoring Sound Different from Normal Snoring?

Sleep apnoea snoring tends to have loud volume and occurs with regularity. The more obvious sign of sleep apnoea is when the person stops breathing and starts breathing again suddenly while sleeping. Since you’re asleep when this happens, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice it. Generally, a sleeping partner is the one who notices the pause in breathing. 

Treating Sleep Apnoea in Pascoe Vale

Sleep apnoea can have serious adverse effects on a patient’s life, and it should never go undiagnosed or untreated. The first step in treating sleep apnoea is a proper diagnosis. After you’ve received an official diagnosis from a sleep medicine practitioner, you can begin treatment. 

Treatments for sleep apnoea often include:

  • Oral appliance therapy
  • CPAP therapy, which consists of a machine that delivers continuous air to a patient through a face or nose mask

If your doctor has recommended oral appliance therapy, or if you’ve been diagnosed with sleep apnoea and you’re simply interested in the treatment, we invite you to contact our friendly team to arrange a consultation with Dr Amir. 

At Lumino Smiles Dental, Dr Amir can evaluate your situation and advise you on how oral appliance therapy can help sleep apnoea patients, giving specific information on whether or not it may help you.

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