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3 Nutrients That Are Essential for Healthy Teeth

March 31, 2018
Posted By: Dr Amir Kiaee
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Supporting a healthy smile goes beyond mere brushing and flossing. As with your overall health, a well-balanced and nutritious diet will help you maintain excellent overall health and a brilliant smile.

Your dentist in Pascoe Vale, Dr Amir Kiaee, will help you make choices to prevent decay, promote healthy gums and keep bone structure strong to support your teeth and facial structure.

Calcium for Healthy Bone

One of the building blocks of healthy bone includes calcium. Calcium is a mineral that supports bone hardness and structure. Calcium-rich foods include dairy products, beans, nuts and leafy vegetables.

Since the jawbones support healthy teeth, maintaining bone can prevent tooth loss.

Vitamin C for Periodontal Health

Vitamin C, found in citrus, tropical fruit, Brussels sprouts, kiwifruit and peppers, promoted healthy healing of tissue including the gums. Smoking quickly depletes vitamin C, so is especially important for smokers.

Low-Sugar Foods

Sugary foods, especially sweets and processed carbohydrates, contribute to tooth decay. High-sugar foods are only part of the problem, however. Starchy foods such as bagels, crisps, biscuits and bread can all stick in the deep grooves of the teeth. Since carbohydrates convert to sugar inside the mouth, they feed bacteria.

Bacteria produce an acidic environment that softens enamel and decay can form. Avoiding acidic soft drinks and energy drinks can also contribute to the development of decay.

Since fruit contains plenty of fibre, it does not have as detrimental of an effect as juices, sweets and processed foods. Additionally, fruit contains many essential nutrients to promote a healthy smile.

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