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The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

March 31, 2021
Posted By: Lumino Smiles Dental

Regular dental exams are a vital aspect of preventive health care. During a dental exam, you can expect the dentist or hygienist to perform diagnostic procedures such as taking digital x-rays. The dentist or hygienist will also thoroughly clean your teeth, check for cavities, look for other underlying issues. It’s important to catch these problems as early as possible. Depending on the individual circumstance our patients may be able to avoid more involved procedures such as root canals and tooth extractions. 

Disease Prevention and Early Risk Assessment 

Regular dental exams are a key to maintaining good oral health, but many people may not realize that your overall health can also be greatly affected by regular oral exams. Many systemic diseases have symptoms that first appear in the mouth.

Regular dental exams help to identify these diseases early and when they are most treatable. Some examples of the diseases that a dentist can help to identify include rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, or lupus. If a dentist identifies the signs of a more serious condition he or she may refer you to a trusted, local specialist. 

What to Expect During an Exam

During your dental exam at Lumino Smiles Dental, Dr Amir Kiaee will first discuss your oral health goals and review your medical and dental histories. He will then do the following:

  1. Perform a comprehensive evaluation of your oral health
  2. Examine your teeth, gum, soft tissues, and supporting structures
  3. Check your bite and jawbones 
  4. Evaluate your need for a dental restoration or replacement 
  5. Assess your risk of developing cavities, root decay, or gum or bone disease 
  6. Clean your teeth and remove plaque and stains 
  7. Demonstrate how to properly care for your teeth, gums, and any restorations (fillings, crowns, dentures)
  8. Survey your need for fluoride or sealants
  9. Take dental x-rays or any other necessary diagnostic procedures 

Comprehensive Dental Exams in Pascoe Vale, VIC

Our entire team at Lumino Smiles Dental always strive to provide our patients with a comfortable and positive experience. Whatever your dental health needs may be, we can help you find a treatment that preserves and protects your smile for many years to come. We invite you to call us today to book your appointment. 

Disclaimer: The information throughout this site is not intended to be taken as medical advice.