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What Should I Do in a Dental Emergency?

September 13, 2019
Posted By: Amir Kiaee, BDS
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It happens when we least expect it: You are at a restaurant, enjoying dinner with friends, when you bite into something and lose a filling or dental crown. Or worse—you are involved in some kind of trauma or accident, and you have had a tooth loosened or knocked out completely.

The first order of business is to try not to panic. As long as you are not bleeding profusely or suffering from a broken jaw (in which case you should head to the nearest emergency department), give our dental clinic a call. We can help you get through the situation, determine if you need immediate care and make an appointment at your emergency dentist in Glenroy, VIC Lumino Smiles Dental.

For Urgent Dental Emergencies

If you have knocked out a tooth completely, you need to get to our dental clinic as soon as you can; time is of the essence if we are going to be able to save your tooth. If you are able to locate the tooth that has been knocked out, try to place it back in its socket. Or you can put it in a small container with a bit of milk or saliva to keep it moist until you can get to our dental clinic.

An unbearable toothache is a common reason for emergency dentistry at our Glenroy, VIC dental clinic. We will get you in as soon as possible so we can alleviate your tooth pain. If needed, we will arrange a follow-up appointment for a root canal.

For Less Urgent Dental Emergencies

If you have lost a dental restoration such as a dental crown or filling, bring it along to our clinic if you can find it. There is no urgency in seeing us, so unless you are experiencing severe discomfort, you can come in during our next regular appointment.

We Invite You to Call Lumino Smiles Dental

When dental emergencies happen, you can count on Lumino Smiles Dental to provide the emergency dentistry you need in Glenroy, VIC.

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