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Common Dental Problems Children Experience

August 18, 2021
Posted By: Lumino Smiles Dental

If you are searching for a paediatric dentist in Pascoe Vale, you might consider choosing a family dentist like Dr Amir Kiaee right here at Lumino Smiles Dental. While some children may fare better at a paediatric dentist, some families appreciate the opportunity to have their dental care all in a single location.

Children’s Special Dental Care Needs

Children need specific care to help them keep their little smiles healthy, comfortable and sparkling. Because kids love sweet lollies and other snacks, they tend to be more prone to cavities. But with the proper home care and professional dental cleans and exams, your child can avoid dental decay!

Kids will need help brushing and flossing until about age seven or eight because they lack the fine motor skills (and attention to detail) required to cover every surface of their teeth.

Regular dental cleans and exams help Dr Amir detect any small issues before they become big ones.

Children’s Preventive Dentistry in Pascoe Vale

In addition to home care and professional dental cleans and exams, we have some secret weapons in our Pascoe Vale dental clinic to win the fight against cavities.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants create a barrier between your child’s vulnerable teeth and the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Sealants are non-invasive. Dr Amir paints them on the deep grooves of the most susceptible posterior (back) teeth and hardens them with a curing light.

Topical Fluoride Application

Fluoride remineralises teeth and hardens enamel that softens due to acid and bacteria. Fluoride has been a long-term solution to help anyone prone to developing dental caries (decay) at any age!

Children’s Orthodontic Evaluation in Pascoe Vale

As your child grows, Dr Amir will keep a keen eye on their growth and development. At about age seven, your child is ready for an early interceptive orthodontic evaluation. By catching these developmental issues early, Dr Amir may be able to reduce future orthodontic treatment times with early interventions, such as palatal expanders and space maintainers.

Children’s Dentistry in Pascoe Vale

We warmly welcome every member of your family to join our Lumino Smiles Dental family. From the smallest smiles to the wisest, your family is our top priority.

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