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What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

December 19, 2021
Posted By: Lumino Smiles Dental

Do you suffer from a missing tooth or several missing teeth? Whatever the circumstances, losing teeth can negatively affect our oral health and impact smile aesthetics in several ways.

However, replacing missing teeth can benefit your remaining teeth and promote improved gum health. 

Dental Implants in Pascoe Vale

Dental implant treatment may last a lifetime and can serve as an excellent tooth replacement option for our patients. Our team at Lumino Smiles Dental can place a screw into a patient’s jawbone that heals and forms a foundation for a ‘new tooth’ or custom dental crown that looks and functions like other, healthy teeth.

Dentures and Implant-Retained Dentures 

You’ve most likely known someone with dentures, and they can be a great way to treat tooth loss successfully. We provide complete and partial dentures to our patients in Pascoe Vale, VIC. Our practice can also place implant-retained dentures that give our prosthetics more stability with the help of four to six dental implants. Please visit our page on dentures and implant-retained dentures for more information on the types of dentures we provide.

Dental Crowns and Bridges 

We offer our patients custom dental crowns and bridges to replace lost teeth and restore stability and functionality to their teeth and smiles. Dental bridges are fixed to healthy teeth with dental crowns. The bridge teeth fill the smile gap. 

Tooth Replacement in Pascoe Vale, VIC

Every patient’s teeth require custom evaluation and treatment. Additionally, people lose their teeth for various reasons, including dental trauma, tooth decay, and gum disease. We may need to treat other conditions before implementing a tooth replacement procedure. 

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