Dentures & Implant-Retained Dentures in Pascoe Vale VIC

Tooth loss makes it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy and smile with confidence – two of the greatest pleasures in life!

At Lumino Smiles, we offer a number of options to restore smiles after tooth loss. One of the most common choices is complete or partial dentures to replace all or some of the teeth on the upper or lower arch.

Dentures have been around for centuries. If your grandparents had dentures, you may remember them as big, boxy false looking teeth that shifted and fell when talking or eating. You will be happy to know that the materials and methods used to create dentures have improved dramatically, making them less obvious and more aesthetically pleasing than in previous decades.Dentures being shaped by drill | Dentist Pascoe Vale VIC

Natural-Looking Complete Dentures

We design dentures to fit comfortably and to look natural. Complete dentures are typically made from pink acrylic and artificial denture teeth. Dr Amir will help you choose denture teeth that complement the shape of your face and your age, so they do not look too large or false.

Fit is important to the proper function of dentures. Upper dentures rely on the suction from your upper palate to stay in place. Lower dentures attach to the bony ridge and gums along your lower jaw.

While paste adhesives can assist in holding a denture in place, they are not a good long-term solution. Denture fit changes over time depending on your bone structure, weight loss and gain, and changes in your health. If your denture no longer fits comfortably, contact our clinic to arrange a denture evaluation. We may be able to reline or replace an ill-fitting denture.

Custom Partial Dentures

Couple smiling in backyard | Dentist Pascoe Vale VICPatients with remaining teeth often opt for partial dentures. Partial dentures rely on natural teeth to secure them in place via small metal clasps.

At Lumino Smiles, we prioritise both function and aesthetics, striving to match your partial denture to your natural teeth so that it looks like your denture is a natural part of your smile.

Partial denture bases come in a variety of materials, depending on your needs:

  • Lightweight acrylic
  • Durable metal
  • Flexible options

An evaluation with Dr Amir will give him an opportunity to discuss your options so you can make the appropriate choice when it comes to your smile.

Implant-Retained Dentures in Glenroy VIC

For patients who have difficulty with ill-fitting dentures, 4 to 6 dental implants can anchor your denture in place. This provides many patients with stability that adds confidence for social situations such as enjoying a meal with friends and laughing without concern of an ill-timed denture mishap.

Dr Amir places dental implants in our Pascoe Vale dental surgery for patients who wish to take advantage of implant dentistry.

Is It Time for New Dentures?

Whether you want to replace old dentures or you’re currently facing dental extractions, we invite you to contact our clinic directly to arrange an appointment for a full dental exam. Our professional and friendly team will make the process of getting dentures easy and convenient.